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War at Sea

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Heavy Shore Battery25
Speed - 0
Attack 0 1 2 3
Armor 6 Vital Armor 16 Hull Points 5
Coastal Facility -
This unit deploys in a coast or island sector on your side of the map. If you have none, it deploys within three sectors of your side of the map. If you deploy it in a coast or island sector, line of sight to and from this isn't blocked by that coast or island.
Extended Range 4 -
While undamaged, this unit can make range-4 Main Gunnery attacks using its range-3 attack value.
Installation 12 -
This unit can be attacked only with Bomb or Gunnery attacks. Enemy Ships with a Landing ability that are in or adjacent to this unit's sector can invade this unit. If they invade, roll two dice at the end of the turn and add the Landing values of all adjacent enemy Ships to the roll. On a total of 12 or higher, this unit is destroyed.
Surface Action - 40/40 - Rare