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About This Site:

This site was made as a database for the Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures by Avalon Hill (part of Wizards of the Coast). Their site has a database of their own, but not of the Naval Miniatures, so this was made to fill the void.

Thanks goes out to Dogan who helped me find all the cards, and those at the ForuMINI forums and CWF Game Cast for providing scans of the cards, which made transcription possible. (As much as I'd love to own full sets of the releases, I don't. :))

All the information is displayed as close to the original as possible, except in a couple of cases:
- In the case of an errata, the corrected information is shown and the original information is noted at the bottom.
- With the change in display mechanics such as Flagship and Carrier information being stated as an ability is applied to all of the units.

I hope this site will be useful to you and many. If you're feeling generous, feel free to donate a little via PayPal. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. :)