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JapanShip - Cruiser1941
Speed - 2
Attack 0 1 2 3
Armor 4 Vital Armor 9 Hull Points 3
Bad Luck -
Whenever this unit rolls four or more 1's on a Gunnery attack, or two or more 1's on a Torpedo attack, this unit and a friendly Ship in the same sector each take 1 point of hull damage and can't move next turn. If no friendly Ships are in this unit's sector, instead this unit can't move or attack for the next two turns.
Long-Lance Torpedoes -
Each torpedo hit rolled by this unit deals 1 extra point of hull damage.
Tough Cruiser 1 -
Whenever an enemy Destroyer or Fighter makes a Gunnery attack against this unit, this unit gets +1 armor against that attack.
Surface Action - 35/40 - Rare