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War at Sea

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GermanyShip - Cruiser1939
Speed - 2
Attack 0 1 2 3
Armor 3 Vital Armor 8 Hull Points 3
Landing 3 -
Once per game at the end of a turn, if this unit is adjacent to a coast or island on your opponent's side of the map, score 3 victory points. You can only score victory points from a Landing ability once per turn.
Mines -
Once per game, instead of making an attack in the Surface Attack phase, this unit can mine its sector. Place a marker on that sector. Whenever a Ship enters the mined sector, roll a die. On a 1, the Ship takes 1 point of hull damage. On a 2, the Ship takes 2 points of hull damage. Torpedo defense works against this damage.
Surface Action - 23/40 - Uncommon