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USS Wasp (CV 7)19
United StatesShip - Carrier1941
Speed - 2CarrierCarrierCarrier
Attack 0 1 2 3
Armor 3 Vital Armor 8 Hull Points 3
Base 3 Squadron(s)
Airfield Strike -
Once per game, you can deploy a Fighter to your opponent's land airbase during the Air Mission phase. That Fighter can make an Antiair attack against one enemy Aircraft deployed at the airbase or rearming this turn.
Expert Bomber -
Once per turn, you may choose a friendly Dive Bomber. That Dive Bomber rolls one extra attack die when making Bomb attacks this turn.
Fighter Umbrella -
Once per turn, you may choose a friendly Fighter that aborted or destroyed an enemy Aircraft this turn. That Fighter may move to a sector it's adjacent to that contains an enemy Aircraft and make an Antiair attack with a -1 on each attack die against that Aircraft.
Surface Action - 20/40 - Rare