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USS Hornet (CV8)22
United StatesShip - Carrier1941
Speed - 2CarrierCarrierCarrier
Attack 0 1 2 3
Armor 4 Vital Armor 10 Hull Points 4
Base 3 Squadron(s)
Embark B-25 -
You can base one B-25 on this unit. If you do, other Aircraft based on this unit can't perform missions until the B-25 is destroyed or removed from play. At the beginning of the Air Return phase after the B-25 performs a mission, if it wasn't destroyed, remove it from play and score 12 victory points. You can score victory points from an Embark B-25 ability only once per game.
Expert Bomber 2 -
Once per turn, you may choose a friendly Dive Bomber. That Dive Bomber rolls two extra attack dice when making Bomb attacks this turn.
Surface Action - 16/40 - Rare