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War at Sea

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HMS Gotland10
SwedenShip - Cruiser1939
Speed - 2
Attack 0 1 2 3
Armor 3 Vital Armor 8 Hull Points 3
Mines -
Once per game, instead of making an attack in the Surface Attack phase, this unit can mine its sector. Place a marker on that sector. Whenever a Ship enters the mined sector, roll a die. On a 1, the Ship takes 1 point of hull damage. On a 2, the Ship takes 2 points of hull damage. Torpedo defense works against this damage.
Scout Cruiser -
At the beginning of your Air Attack step, you may choose an enemy Ship. Your units roll one extra attack die when making Bomb or Gunnery attacks against that Ship this turn.
Set V - 38/39 - Uncommon