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FranceShip - Carrier1939
Speed - 2CarrierCarrier
Attack 0 1 2 3
Armor 4 Vital Armor 11 Hull Points 4
Base 2 Squadron(s)
Expert Bomber -
Once per turn, you may choose a friendly Dive Bomber. That Dive Bomber rolls one extra attack die when making Bomb attacks this turn.
Poor Facilities -
Whenever you return two aircraft to this unit during the Air Return phase, you must place a Rearming counter on one of those aircraft.
Slow 3 -
At the beginning of your Sea Movement phase, roll a die. On a 3 or less, this unit has -1 speed this turn.
Wildcat Operations -
The F4F Wildcat and the Martlet can base on this unit.
Condition Zebra - 2/40 - Rare