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JapanShip - Battleship1941
Speed - 2
Attack 0 1 2 3
Armor 6 Vital Armor 12 Hull Points 5
Bombard -
Once per game, instead of making a Main Gunnery attack, this unit can bombard your opponent's land airbase if this unit is in your opponent's ship deployment area. At the end of that turn, place 2 additional rearming counters next to each aircraft at the airbase.
Evade Bombs -
Once per game, when this unit is the target of a Bomb attack, you may roll a die. On a 4 or higher, the Bomb attack misses.
Extended Range 4 -
While undamaged, this unit can make range-4 Main Gunnery attacks using its range-3 attack value.
Task Force - 53/60 - Rare